Make Your Remodel Stand Out

Make Your Remodel Stand Out

The Difference Between Sheet And Panel Siding

Daniel Savela

If you are looking for a cost effective way to completely change the exterior look of your home, you should consider vinyl siding. Vinyl is an affordable product that will make your home stand out from your neighbors. It is also a very smart project because vinyl makes your property more energy efficient. Many people even install their own vinyl. This obviously further reduces the cost of the project. But if you are going to install your own vinyl, you need to decide which type is best. Sheet and panel vinyl siding are probably the two most popular types. This article explains the difference between both to help you decide which is better for your home.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl comes in large sections, usually 4' x 8' or larger. One advantage of this is that allows you to cover large spaces more quickly. When it comes to covering large, flat walls, sheet vinyl is definitely the way to go. However, it can be problematic if you need to make a lot of cuts. If you have a home with rounded groups or a lot of window fixtures or a lot of corners and rounded walls, you will have to make a lot more cuts. Cutting vinyl is relatively simple, since it is similar to cutting wood. You can use a circular saw with a standard wood blade. However, the process is still more time consuming because you need to do a lot of measuring and checking to make sure your pieces fit.

You also need to consider the fact that the handling of the larger sheets is more difficult. Since you will be transporting the sheets up and down the ladder or scaffolding system, the job can be very tiring.

Panel Vinyl

Panel siding comes in sections that are about 8 foot long, but they are only 6 to 12 inches wide. This means they are obviously much lighter and easier to carry. That being said, it also means that there are more individual pieces to attach to the wall. Luckily, panel siding has an interlocking, modular system. Most pieces can attach to each other without any screws. Since the pieces are smaller, it is often easier to make them fit around homes with an intricate floor plan. They are easier to bend around curved walls and making cuts is quicker.

In the end, sheet siding is probably better for larger, flatter surfaces. Panel siding is still a good option for smaller buildings.

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