Make Your Remodel Stand Out

Make Your Remodel Stand Out

Eatery Aesthetics: 3 Tips To Design A Chain Restaurant Diners Love To Visit

Daniel Savela

When designing a chain restaurant, you don't have as much freedom to experiment with edgy décor as you do when styling an independent eatery. That doesn't mean you can't use creative and refreshing elements to update or develop an inviting dining space.

Here are 3 tips for incorporating unique elements into your chain restaurant interior:

Avoid overdone components

Vintage touches including Edison lights and reclaimed wood are stylish but overused details in modern restaurants. The last thing you want to do is invest in a restaurant look that's on its way out.

Study emerging trends, but don't go hog wild with any one dramatic look. Choose a few modern touches to give your restaurant a brand new feel rather than cluttering any of your zones with too much of a good thing. The key word to remember is "balance."

If you want to use elegant chandeliers, for example, avoid using overly glamorous tables and chairs, but offset the highly formal lighting with simple-lined seating areas in matte silver or gold. If you're creating a more colorful space, have a bright mural featured on one wall, but use accent colors from the artwork in simple glass pendant lamps and seating accents.

Draw on local culture as well as your own

Your corporate culture will determine how your restaurant is laid out, and it will also determine the message you want customers to receive when they walk into your outlet.

If fresh, sustainable food is your selling point, use paint, trim and menu board colors that evoke a sense of freshness. Colors found in nature are good choices, but again, don't go overboard. Use bright hues as accents that offer the hint of your brand's mission.

Find photographs, architectural elements and other materials that reflect the local scene. Customers may expect consistency in your products no matter which location they visit, but they also appreciate when a big corporate chain recognizes and celebrates their unique regional quirks and history.

Plan interiors that allow you to change your décor

You should update your restaurant's design every four to six years. This means when planning construction of a new chain outlet you should attempt to build with interior and exterior looks and materials that aren't gimmicky or destined to look outdated soon.

When you have solid and simple floors, walls and ceilings, you have a great base. Simply change out elements like wall art, lighting, and seating and you have a fresh look that tells customers you aren't a has-been restaurant or one that's struggling financially.

Your building budget will determine how fancy and how far you will get in designing your restaurant, but there are low-cost touches you can incorporate to create a dining spot that customers love. Print shops make canvas wall hangings from local photographs, and utilitarian tiles can be arranged in artistic ways with some imagination and talent.

Talk to your contractors about unique touches they can add to your chain restaurant construction to make it a local favorite while it makes you a tidy profit.


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